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Have a portable music player that doesn't support the type of file you wish it did? Now you can convert them to a format that your player supports, quickly and easily. With MuvAudio2, you can play your music wherever your music player takes you.

What is MuvAudio2?

MuvAudio2 converts the audio of most audio/video files which are playable by Windows Media Player into MP3, WMA, OGG, MP4, FLAC, WAV and many other formats. MuvAudio2 takes real-time recording to the next level by allowing recording speeds up to 10x* real-time, giving possibilities never before achieved by either digital conversion or real-time recording programs.

  • MuvAudio2 Features:

  • Converts at up to 10X* real-time. A breakthrough in the real-time recording world!
  • Convert to MP3 (CBR and VBR), WMA (Lossless), FLAC, OGG, MP4, WAV and more...
  • Supports MP3, WMA, OGG, and FLAC meta-tagging of, Author, Title, Album, Year, Genre, and Track Number.
  • Automatically downloads and embeds album cover art directly into MP3 files.
  • Record the audio from most filetypes playable by Windows Media Player (dvr-ms, rmi, mpeg, mpg, mpe, miv, mp2, wav, ivf, mpv2, mp2v, mpa, aif, aifc, aiff, au, snd, mp3, wmv, wma, asf, wvx, wmx, and avi)***.
  • Watch Folder Mode lets you set a directory to watch for items to convert and automatically converts them.
  • Reproduces the best possible quality recording of any real-time recording program.
  • Supports "Sound Seclusion": MuvAudio2 only records the audio file, not other sounds made by your computer. Now you can use your computer while recording! Another breakthrough!
  • And much more...

Purchase MuvAudio2 for only $18.99 and Start Converting Today!

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*Depends on your computer specifications, the number of files set to record, and the length of the files. Converts multiple files simultaneously to achieve conversion speeds of up to 10x real-time.

The fixer for your audio mixer!

Do you play games such as Battlefield 2 or Half-Life 2? Do you have a Creative SoundBlaster Audigy (with external box) or another soundcard that the recording device, when playing these games, is reset to "Microphone" even though you actually use a different line such as Line 2?

With Muvixer, you no longer have to worry. Muvixer allows you to select the line you always want to use and if Battlefield 2 or any other program changes your recording device, it will automatically be changed back to your specified recording device on a time interval that you choose! Muvixer is freeware.

  • Muvixer Features:

  • Automatically sets your recording device to what you specify. If some other program changes it, Muvixer will change it back.
  • Allows you to specify the recording volume, so if changed by another program, Muvixer changes it to what you had set.
  • Automatically saves settings. This allows you to set it up once and never have to worry about it again.
  • Option to automatically run on startup.
  • Option to hide the icon when running (trying to open the application when hidden will unhide the icon).
  • Simple and intuitive interface available by right-clicking on the system tray icon.
  • Runs as a system tray icon to use as little resources as possible.
  • Ability to check for and install new updates from within the application.
  • Supports Windows XP x64.
  • Muvixer is freeware!

What is MuvExToE?

MuvExToE is the brand name for MuvEnum Extensions To Explorer. It is our newest programming venture and will consist of freeware extensions to Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer. Our hope is to provide an ever expanding list of utilities/extensions.

Our first two releases for MuvExToE are listed below. As new extensions are created, they will be added to this list so remember to come back often. If you have an idea of an extension you would like to see, please post about it on our forums.

  • MuvExToE Extensions:

  • IE Open Last Closed Tab - For Internet Explorer 7: Makes "Alt-X" re-open the last Tab that was closed.
  • IE Aliases - For Internet Explorer 6 & 7: Lets you create aliases to open single/multiple websites easily.
  • MuvExToE Extensions are freeware!